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How you passion for tattoos start?
It’s a difficult question… we need to study a lot if we want to do Japanese tattoo seriously. To understand one thing, need to know 10, to know the 10, need so study a hundred. It is not easy and probably never end. I didn’t have a passion to study in the beginning, I just had to. But after that I felt a little more confidence to tattoo, and started to feel a passion. It came after effort.

You started tattooing many years ago, could you explain how did you learn? Was is different for you like a woman?
I wasn’t apprenticed to anybody but I feel wrong to say I did “self-learning”. Many tattooers gave informations to me on the way of traveling around the world. For example about machines, inks, needles,I met many kind people even I couldn’t speak english very well.

I never felt different because I’m a woman… but maybe people opened mind more easily because of that?

In Japanese tattoo there are many aspects that create its beauty, which are the most important for you?
Background and composition.

Is it important the ethics in being a tattooer?
I think so. When customer have wrong idea, we should stop ourselves to do it.Of course there is no rules and it’s up to each artist, I mean we shouldn’t do if we don’t think it’s cool. It’s important to care like a family.

Is it different studying a female bodysuit from a male bodysuit?
Yes,I think so. I don’t like a woman look like a man because of the shape of bodysuit. Both can be powerful and elegant but in a different way…actually I’ve never done any female bodysuit!

Are there any subjects you like the most?
Rocks. It’s very fun to do.

Which are the artists that influenced you the most?
I was influenced by some great artists, but If I choose one, it’s Rico, my husband. We’ve been tattooing together more than 13 years (already!!). We shared all informations and opinions about tattoo so absolutely it influenced. I learned a lot through his words!

Nowadays, which are the differences to be a tattooed woman in Japan and Europe?
Tattoos call attention regardless of sex or country. I feel like I call attention in Europe more because I’m an asian tattooed woman. It’s just because of difference.

Japanese Politics are doing a new law about tattoo, getting ready for the Olympic game in 2020. In your opinion, something will change? Tattoo is still illegal in Japan…
To me, it seems like who want to legalize tattoo most is government so I guess it will change.


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