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My first contact with tattooing was probably Axl Rose! when i was at junior high school i was a big fan of Gun’s & Roses, as a teen ager my room was packed with pictures and posters of the band; on the pictures, they show their tattoos, these designs mean nothing to me, i thought these were kind of codes of an underground Los Angeles i did not know…..”I want one! absolutely!” that was the only idea bumping in my mind at that time.
I wanted a skull on my leg so bad.
I was listening lot’s of Punk, and in 1997 during a punk gig i’ve organized, i’ve met the man that became my partner and my mentor, “Massi”aka Crez. at that time he just opened Adrenalink with Marco”Gaz”. I start to walk by the shop daily, at a certain point i was working with them doing everything except tattooing.
When i get my first tattoo, i let Crez choose the design, the only condition was that i wanted a skull in the subject, so i get a beautiful flower with a skull in the middle. SUPER!

I was so excited, i was staring at my tattoo every second, i instantly understood, this tattoo won’t be the last, so i’ve started to think about my body…there was lot’s of room .
Traveling around international tattoo conventions gave me the chance to meet a bunch of nice people, all committed to develop their style of tattooing. i want to make this clear, every tattooer face a daily challenge with himself to improve his skills, every little step is a huge satisfaction.

My first tattoo convention was in Hamburg, then Berlin, Munich, Luxembourg, Stockholm,Strasbourg, Malmø, Oslo, Barcelona….we ‘ve traveled so much to meet other colleagues and to show our works around.
I’ve met Sacha Lehne & Leanks Platt with which we became very close friends, they have been and they are both a great source of inspiration for me. In 2001 we met the three brothers of Ryumon Bunshin, it was the beginning of an important friendship . I have only one word to describe them: GREAT PEOPLE! In recent years we have visited Japan from the center to the south, working with many tattoo artists. In ‘August 2005 Crez and I attended a convention in Kumamoto, southern Japan, that was an amazing experience.

At the beginning of my career the style that I liked most besides the highly personal Crez’s one, was the classic western traditional, daggers, pinups, skulls, anchors and sailboats. They fascinated me so much for their graphic impact and the effect they have on the body. I developed a passion for the Japanese tattoo: so sculptural and harmonious.

The library of the shop continued to grow, we came back with books after every travel,showing to peoplenew ideas, it ‘s so that you grow in others the same passion, sharing what you get, trying to educate your customers, create a new point of view on people requests, spreading culture was our way to survive in a society where everything tends to flatten out, be homogeneous. There is no exact moment when I decided to become a tattoo artist, it was an evolution. After designing my first set of flash I thought it would be great to be able to tattoo someone, so I went after that. I kept thinking about it, I was afraid of the responsibility involved, the judgment of the people on my work.

Then I got used to it and concentrate on my work, those were years of sacrifice and self-denial. Mine was a real apprenticeship began in 2002. Initially Crez taught me the basics of drawing he knows, then the tattooing technique.

The first tattoo i did was on me, then on my friends, I’ ll never cease to thank them for giving me a piece of their skin to practice.
Tattoo has always fascinated me, the “multicultural” aspect, the sense of internationalism, a sort of brotherhood or sisterhood among all tattoo artists around the world.
Tattooers who love their job are driven to travel, to know, to be contaminated by other cultures.

We are people who are used to move, to consider the world as a ball that run under our feet.
I love the designs of course , I like to be enchanted by illustrations, “sink” in the images: the impact and the power that gives you a pretty design push you to lust after that, and behold, with the tattoo it becomes even more your own.

That’s why a tattoo does not have to be “cold”, in my opinion, they have to transmit power and be harmonious with those who will carry that.


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