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Adrenalink Tattooing Marghera was established as a tattoo club in 1997 by the two co- founders Crez & Gaz both with some years of tattooing experience “on the road” mostly around Europe.
The idea was to build a little meeting point for tattoo enthusiasts of the area.
Tattooing in italy back in the 90′s was way different than what you can see now.
A lot of things changes trough the years, Gaz is no longer part of the project, Manekistefy joined Crez as the new co-owner and became his apprentice in 1999, now she is a full time tattooist at the shop.
Many of the new tattooers of the area has passed by the shop, asking for informations that we have always provided, keeping in mind that the idea is to build a nice tattoo community in Venice.

The studio “line up” is formed by Crez & Manekistefy Giacomo SeiDita Bertz, Giulia takes care of our customers.
We’ve carried the Adrenalink banner all around Europe during the 90′s ,at the beginning trough tattoo conventions, and then mostly as guest artists in tattoo shops.
From 2003 Japan has become our second home, we’ve cooperated with many artists mostly in private tattoo studios and some street shops.
Adrenalink is now a custom tattoo shop, we work by appointment only, sometimes you need to be patient.
We’ve just settled down in the new shop during summer 2012, a new and bigger space, with more than 100 original paintings on the walls, home made furniture ecc…check out the photos in the gallery.

Adrenlink Tattooing Marghera

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